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This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Created on 2009-05-01 06:08:18 (#148697), last updated 2012-06-16 (278 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 8
Location:BC, Canada
World of Wonders.
That's from my AIM name miror (I am full of wonder.)
The world is full of amazing things. Beyond good and evil.
Wonder opposes the mundane.
World of Wonders.
I am amazed. People amaze me, ideas amaze me, fascinate me, draw me, let me smile, even laugh with recognition, because I'm growing, becoming. And because in those moments... collaboration of thought is so rare, so wonderful, so full of worth. Understanding and realisation are so wonderful: from myself, my imaginary people, others imaginary people, people from the past, real people breathing as they type - all these people sharing their worlds, allowing me to show them my worlds. I am so lucky this is possible.
I like to write.
World of Wonders.
I am learning to be a magician.
And that is a whole world of creating wonders.

I have two other journals.
One is is John Henry (Doc) Holliday at livejurnaljohn_h_holliday.
The other is Severus Snape [personal profile] janus.
Please read along if you wish.

My Twitter is VerusJanus.

I'm in Slytherin!
This journal contains adult material.
I am not Severus Snape. I am not Alan Rickman. I am not Alec Hopkins.
I do not own Severus, Alan nor Alec, nor any thing nor person from the 'Harry Potter' universe. I make no money from this journal, which is written by and for adults.

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52, algorythmic representation, amber, black phoenix alchemy labs, blind shuffles, camille desmoulins, card magic, cardmen, cards, causality, cavalry, chris capehart, civil war, cryptography, dai vernon, dentistry, diligence, donovan atreides, double-action revolvers, ed marlo, eddie foy, erdnase, faith, faro, faro shuffles, felix von luckner, gabriel, georgia, honour, innocence from experience, international brotherhood of magicians, john henry holliday, last stands, latin, magic, magic history, mercy, milton franklin andrews, mister, nitrous oxide, ode to joy, panama by thomas mcguane, parlour magic, rabbits, richard turner, rudyard kipling, sacrifice, scotch, severus snape, significant anomaly, songs of long ago, stickpins, straight razors, string figures, svend robinson, t. e. lawrence, the "impossible", the magic circle, trinidad colorado, vaudville, ventriloquism, victor frankl, victorian magic, walker percy, woody pittman
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